•  number of tests is four (investigation – financial transactions and fraud schemes – law – prevention and detection of fraud)
  • The number of questions is 100 questions per test .
  • The duration of the test for each part is two hours
  • Conditions for passing a score of 75
  • The four exams must be completed within 60 days
  • The nature of the questions: multiple choice, true or false .
  • Test language: English only
  • Exam fees 400 – Membership dollars 200 dollars – Training material 600 dollars
  • CFE Membership
  • Obtaining a bachelor’s degree or equivalent (all majors)
  • Two years of experience in any field that directly or indirectly supports

Register for the CFE Exam online

Send the necessary documents to complete the application

  • Increased Profits: Certified fraud investigators generate 31 % more revenue than their non-certified peers
  • Career Enhancement: The CFE is documented as evidence of expertise and experience, and represents a high level of skill, understanding and professional competence 
  • Gain professional insight and credibility: CFE is accepted worldwide as a standard of excellence in the anti-fraud profession 
  • Stand out from peers – CFE certification is endorsed in the employment policies of leading organizations
  • The main impact of the company: as organizations with certified employees CFE detect fraud 50 percent early and experience 62 percent fewer fraud losses than organizations without   CFE certified individuals
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