Updated knowledge of the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and demonstrated ability to apply standards 

    Career advancement and income increase 

      Obtaining the most prestigious professional internal audit qualification in the world

      Enhancing professional credibility and respect It opens up excellent career prospects due to international recognition as one of the most highly qualified individuals in the audit profession

     Evidence of commitment and ability to excel in the profession

     Evidence of competence and experience in the field of internal auditing

     Performing the audit mission in accordance with the international standards for practicing the profession of internal auditing 

    Understanding of corporate governance and the ability to use risk assessment and control tools and techniques 

        Employing practical experience, information technology and management skills necessary for internal auditing 

join IIA: Apply for Student Membership Whereas IIA membership is required

     Membership Bill Payment: An invoice will be sent via email for the cost of membership to the IIA and the CIA Learning System. Once payment is received, membership will be accepted and access to the online learning system will be granted .

    Welcome email received: Membership number provided and login details provided to the IIA Global website .

    Apply to take the CIA : The trainee needs to apply via IIA Global ‘s online candidate certification system and pay the entry fee.

       Upload Supporting Documents: Next, an email is received from IIA Global requesting to upload a number of documents to support the application: photocopy of identity, personal information, and either education certificates or experience record.

   Receive confirmation of approval and start studying: The trainee becomes enrolled in the (CIA) program and eligible to apply for exams

  • Managing the internal audit activity, (20%) of the final grades 
  • Planning the audit assignment, (20%) of the final grades 
  • Implementation of the audit task, (40%) of the final grades 
  • Communicating the results of the task and monitoring progress, at a rate of (20%) of the final grades 

The third section is the knowledge elements of internal auditing. This section covers 4 essentials – 100 questions 

  • Commercial intelligence, rate (35%) of the final grades 
  • Information security (25%) of the final grades Information Technology (20%) of the final grades 
  • Financial management (20%) of the final grades
  • The applicant must obtain the certificate within four years of the application being approved. If all parts are not completed within the four years , he will start over 

If a candidate does not pass part of the test, he must wait at least 90 days before he can test for that part  again

  • CIA and other IIA certification exams are offered in several languages around the world, currently available in Arabic, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish
  • All scores are converted to a scale of 250 to 750 points, and whoever gets 600 points or higher passes the test (equivalent to 80%) 
  • The first section: two and a half hours 
  • The second part: two hours
  • The third section: two hours

Exam fees depend on the type of IIA membership and the applicant’s education level

Student Fee

Non-member fees

Member fees


US $65

US $230

US $115

Exam application fee

US $230

US $395

US $280

Fee for the first part of the exam

US $180

US $345

US $230

Fee for the first part of the exam

US $180

US $345

US $230

Fee for the first part of the exam

  • Definitely The CIA ‘s certified income will increase , and the following is the income of certificate holders in some countries
  • In Saudi Arabia, the average monthly salary is $4,314
  • In the United Arab Emirates, the average monthly salary is $6859
  • In the State of Qatar, the average monthly salary is $7289
  • In the State of Kuwait, the average monthly salary is 6035 dollar
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