Project Management

Project management professional training

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Project management is accomplished through the appropriate application and integration of a number of project management processes categorized into five groups and these five groups are Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Termination.

Acquire the trainee the necessary skills to prepare for the project management professional course exam and to manage projects in various fields. By following the training course, the trainee will be able to fulfill one of the important conditions for entering the test, which is entering a training course

  • Experienced project managers who want to develop their expertise. Individuals with hands-on experience in project management. People who want to build a broad knowledge base in the field of project management. Anyone wishing to obtain a PMP certification.

  • Introduction: project management Project Integration Management Project scope management Project schedule management Project cost management Project Quality Management Project resource management Project Communications Management Project risk management Project Procurement Management Project stakeholder management
  • test simulation Presentations, discussions, practical exercises. Providing the training material in electronic form and facilitating its preservation and retrieval. Study cases and follow the methods of dialogue and discussion to reach the optimal behavior in different situations Practical cases of completed projects in various sectors.



  • Online training. Training at our training center in Gaziantep. Training in our training center in Istanbul. The duration of the training is 45 training hours divided into 15 sessions.

Project management for development part 1 and 2

project managers manage their projects efficiently and successfully around the world within the context of humanitarian action and is the guide that It paves the way for humanitarian workers to move their projects towards their planned goals in the easiest way and the least cost away from failure and risks Expected and avoided deviation in the action plan



The training aims to provide the trainees with skills related to project management:

  • Qualifying the participant to become a professional project manager in the development sector
  • Designing an effective project focused on the needs of the beneficiaries
  • Participants’ understanding of the development project life cycle and its characteristics
  • Participants gain the ability to determine the quality and coherence of projects

Realizing the components of the developmental closure of projects and the right transition

  • managers and consultants in the development sector
  • Employees nominated for the positions of project managers and supervisors
  • Those wishing to qualify for the International Certificate in Management of Development Projects

Online training .

Training in our training center in Gaziantep .

Training in our training center in Istanbul .

training is 45 training hours divided into 15 sessions for each part duration of the

The curriculum includes four main sections as follows
 Section One: Introduction
 Section Two: The Six Stages of the Project Lifecycle
 The first stage: defining and designing the project
 The second stage: the project preparation stage
 The third stage: project planning
 Fourth stage: project implementation
 Fifth stage: Monitoring, evaluation and control of the project
 Phase VI: End of the project and its transition
 Section Three: Knowledge Branches of Project Management
 Section one: managing the project 's justification
 Section Two: Stakeholder Management
 Section Three: Risk Management
 Section Four: Domain Management
 Section five: time management
 Section Six: Managing Project Resources
 Section IV: Adaptation of BMD Pro in organizations.

  • Online training .
  • Training in our training center in Gaziantep .
  • Training in our training center in Istanbul .

duration of the training is 30 training hours divided into 10 sessions .



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